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Game / Version Type Release Date Requirements Download Link Size
Zomp! v1.5 Freeware 4-29-1999 DirectX 5.0+ zomp15.exe 818 kb
Zomp2! v1.0 Shareware 9-1-1999 DirectX 5.0+ zomp2sw.exe   3.36 mb
Skeltris v1.0 Freeware 1-20-2001 DirectX 5.0+  1.85 mb
Burning Skies v1.2 Shareware 2-18-2001 DirectX 5.0+ 347 kb
Skirmish v2.2 Free Beta 3-23-2001 DirectX 6.0+ skbeta22.exe 7.58 mb
Blump v1.0 Freeware 1-9-2002 DirectX 6.0+ 349 kb
Frag Arena v1.3 Free Beta 4-9-2002
(pub 10-7-2007)
DirectX 6.0+ 1.37 mb
Encircle v1.0 Freeware 12-22-2002
(pub 10-7-2007)
DirectX 6.0+ 203 kb

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XNA files: (required for all games newer than 1/1/2007)

Game Terms:
Freeware: This means the game is copyrighted software, which is available for use free of charge, for an unlimited time.   You are allowed to distribute Freeware.
Free Beta: This type of game is a private, incomplete version of the game, which has the same rights and restrictions of freeware, except the right to distribute.
Shareware: This version of a game is still copyrighted software, but available for use free of charge.  This type of game is only a demo.  The full version of the game is available for purchase, and the shareware gives you a taste of the actual complete game.  You are allowed to distribute Shareware.

Please respect these terms.  Thank you.