Bug Zapper - Available Now!! - Go big or buzz home!

Bug Zapper is an action-packed, bug-filled game of heroism. Defend your brethren bug and punch and throw all bugs away from the electrified Bug Zappers! They are entranced by the humming sound and glorious glowing lights - you are their only hope! Create a powerful bug to defend your kind in over 30 levels of bug zapping fun!

Go big or buzz home! Bug Zapper is the adventure of Skeeter, the mosquito, as he defends his fellow bugs from the unstoppable lure of the Bug Zapper. Punch and throw Bugs to their safety with up to 4 local players! Upgrade your Bug with special abilities, speed and strength to stop every bug from getting Zapped!

Currently released for Xbox Live Indie Games.



Bug Zapper - Trailer (HD)

Bug Zapper - Gameplay footage on Level 11

Additional information:
Get it on the Xbox 360 in the Indie Games section! Bug Zapper