All of the completed games, and games that are coming soon are linked in on the left pane.  Click these links to view each individual game page.  There are screenshots to see, information about the games, and links to download their shareware or freeware versions!  Take a look at what we've created.

Skelman Software has for the most part been a one man show.  There have been testers that have helped with each game, artists for some, sound and music for a couple others, but for the most part it has been on Skelman.  Whenever a project is taken on, the main focus is fun.  If the game isn't fun, it doesn't come from Skelman Software.  I try to make games I enjoy, and the people I work with on projects also feel the same way.  Skelman Software, where the games are fun!

All of the games that can be downloaded and purchased from this site were created with DirectX.  You will need the latest DirectX drivers for the games to work.

XNA Game Studio
Since the release of XNA Game Studio, Skelman Software has been developing a game with this new, exiciting development tool.  The hope is all future games (from here) will be created in XNA.  This would allow the potential for an XBOX360 as well as the usual release on PC.

Cancelled Games
The Nemean Chronicles, an RPG, was cancelled due to lack of art.  Many RPG engines have been worked on, and taken pretty far. The lack of quality and quantity of art was almost always the major factor in causing the development of this game to screech to a halt.  There is still concept art / screenshots available from some of these iterations, here.