Zomp 2
The sequel!  The fuzzy blue guy is back for another puzzle adventure.  In fact, it's Zomp2! The Adventure Continues This game was conceived and created in 1999, soon after the original Zomp.  It was completed in just about a month, and released as shareware.  It has 8 levels in the shareware version, which has hooked a many puzzle players.  It's very challenging compared to the original Zomp.  

The full version of the game (available to buy) has 70 levels, and a map editor to create and share your own Zomp2 maps.  Quite a step up from the original Zomp, the sound, graphics, and gameplay are that much better.  An addicting musical techno score (by Jeff Kiecker) is also worth mentioning.  Said to be the favorite Skelman Software game of many a fans, Zomp2! is a classic.

Released on September 1, 1999.


Download it!
Give Zomp2! a try. The shareware gets you 8 great challenging levels, and is available on the download page. You can get it here.

Additional Info
Zomp2 was featured on the Software of the Month Club Volume #270 CD (www.somc.com).   A few months after its release, Zomp2 was also published in 100 Great Educational Games by Global Star Software (www.globalstarsoftware.com)