It's a trilogy! Zomp is back, many, many years later (don't do the math, please!) for a 3rd episode. This time, it's in HD! 

Zomp 3: The Quest for Z's is a puzzle adventure game that will challenge more than 10% of your brain, guaranteed! Try to collect all the Z's on the map while avoiding certain death. Enemies will stand in your way, push you around, trap you, and kill you if you're not careful. Follow Zomp through his dreams on many different themed levels: forest, ice, desert, underwater, space, lava, and caves.  

The game is being released on the Xbox 360 under the XBOX Live Indie Games section. There will be a free trial where you can play the first 8 levels of the game, for 8 minutes, whichever comes first. You can purchase the full version of the game for 80 MS Points, which translates to $1.00! This gives you 100 levels of challenges, and many hours of awesome gameplay!

Released: November 16, 2012.    

Zomp 3: The Quest for Z's available on Xbox.com






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Get it now for the Xbox 360 in the Indie Games section! 

Zomp 3: The Quest for Z's info page on Xbox.com