Burning Skies
A 2-D side viewed biplane action game. Play against the computer or another player at your keyboard. Try to take off and avoid getting shot, while taking out the other plane. Don't just flip in circles, the computer will hunt you down. Dogfights in 2D never were so fun and addicting! The shareware version of the game is limited in what score you play to and other options are stripped out (plane colors, bullets, speed, etc.).  

The full version of the game is available to buy. All of the options and configurations are enabled.

Released on February 18, 2001.


Download it!
Give Burning Skies a try. It has a great arcade-type feel to it. The shareware version gets you tons of the fun. It is available on the download page. You can get it here.

Additional Info
Burning Skies was submited to download.com when it was initially released. It was put on the action games list and was downloaded over 45,000 times in the first year.